Saturday 24 March 2018

Medieval remedies for the modern problem of success

•In medieval times, painful, debilitating and utterly useless remedies were applied by medical practitioners to maladies they had little or no understanding of.

Bloodletting, application of hot irons and bonding in boiling poultices were normal procedure. We have moved a long way from those Dark Ages of medicinal ignorance, but appear to have regressed to such barbaric practices in treatment of the economic condition.

A new malady has infected the commercial world; a black plague of economic death that defies all remedy. This unprecedented condition is way beyond the experience or understanding or intellectual capability of the many witchdoctors, soothsayers and alchemists who now strive unceasingly to stem its progress. All action to date has only inflicted further pain, weakened the economic body and proved entirely ineffective in achieving relief.

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