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Media must not forget who buys FAI tickets

At last week's soccer internationals in the Aviva Stadium I noticed there is a large section at the halfway line of the West Upper Stand where the occupants have cushioned seats and televisions to watch the game on.

I asked a steward how much it cost for a ticket in this section and he told me it was free.

I said if that was the case I'd like to move into that area but he informed me it was only for members of the media.

He also told me that they get free tea and sandwiches plus free power and internet access for their computers.

Can I suggest to John Delaney and the FAI that given the high level of concern being expressed about their finances by the likes of Daniel McDonnell they should now charge him and the rest of his colleagues for the privilege of sitting in the best seats in the stadium.

Then, I might take seriously whatever Daniel McDonnell has to say about ticket prices.

John Hardy

Castleknock, Dublin 15

Irish Independent