Saturday 18 January 2020

Meat prejudice is barking mad

In response to your report, 'Dog on the menu for Chinese astronauts' (Irish Independent, May 14), I am always amazed at the outrage or disbelief at another culture's desire to eat dog meat.

Dogs are animals, pigs are animals, cows are animals and, yes, we too are animals.

Our continual line-drawing as to what forms an acceptable meat product for human consumption is totally arbitrary and demonstrates in its purest sense the attitudes of speciesism deeply rooted in most human cultures (speciesism being the prejudicial treatment of a non-human animal based on species).

I do applaud our outrage or disbelief at eating dogs wholeheartedly, but only when this is taken to its natural end -- the conclusion that we either eat all meat or none at all.

But beware; if we are to embark upon this philosophical exploration of our own diets, where do we stop?

After all, we too are animals.

Clifton Rooney
Bray, Co Wicklow

Irish Independent

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