Sunday 18 March 2018

Masters of our destiny

Queen Elizabeth. Photo: Reuters
Queen Elizabeth. Photo: Reuters

Sir -- I read and re-read John McEntee's article about Queen Elizabeth with increasing incredulity, and I had to convince myself that his comments were not some kind of practical joke. The idea that we would ask the Queen (pictured) to 'take us back', to use his words, shows a complete disconnect with the attitude of the people of this country, and an appalling lack of knowledge of history.

I do not doubt that mistakes -- and serious mistakes -- were made during the past 10 years, and many people lost the run of themselves, for which others are now paying the price, but the idea that we ingratiate ourselves back into the Empire is a fantasy too far.

Mr McEntee speaks of British rule as if it were some benign supervision of 'Paddy' to ensure he didn't act to excess, something straight out of Punch magazine in its worst racist stereotyping.

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