Saturday 21 April 2018

Mary Byrne is a true Irish star

Sir -- Tut, tut, Andrea Byrne, for your article headed 'One direction for Mary may just be the boot', (Sunday Independent, December 5). What pleasure did you get from putting down a fellow Irish woman? What is it about the Irish who so rightly earned the title of 'a nation of put-downers' a long time ago?

When you refer to Mary Byrne with some scathing remarks, how could you not see beyond your own judgements and grant Ms Byrne the credit she is well and truly due for abandoning her check-out at Tesco and having the courage to take a few risks in an effort to change her life? To say that Mary Byrne is not a star, to me, sadly, smacks of jealously. You see Andrea, Mary is a star in her own right, no matter what your opinion of her is.

It may also be worth remembering before you decide again to put down a fellow Irish woman or man that not everyone was fortunate enough to attend college, ensuring them a well-paid job. Did you ever hear of the old American Indian quote, "Don't judge another until you walk three miles in their moccasins"? I say, well done Mary Byrne, and before you gloat that your predicted outcome on the X Factor was right, please remember, Mary Byrne is not only a star, she has been a beacon of light in some very dark times for many of us and there is no doubt she will continue to offer inspiration and hope for a long time to come.

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