Monday 23 April 2018

Martin's approach utterly dispiriting

I had the privilege of attending the 30th Patrick MacGill Summer School in July which provided a forum for exploring ways out of the deep hole the country has fallen into.

One of the most dispiriting speeches was by Micheal Martin, who is now increasingly seen as someone who can save Fianna Fail's bacon because he is the antithesis of Brian Cowen.

Sam Smyth (Lenihan 'prepared' for heave against Taoiseach, Irish Independent, December 8) talked of his "virtuoso" performance in communication skill after the Budgets. But at Glenties he was a cross between Brezhnev and Margaret Thatcher, calmly enunciating the belief that there was no alternative to the rigid orthodoxy that required Irish taxpayers to be galley slaves for the faults of others.

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