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new leader of Fianna Fail, Micheal Martin told us he was interested in reforming political life and the government.

I was under the impression that until very recently he had been a government minister since 1997 -- and none of this reform was ever discussed.

CMJ O'Dwyer
Ballincollig, Co Cork

  • If the Israeli government was genuinely committed to a two-state solution, the Israeli authorities should have no objection to Ireland's move to upgrade the status of the Palestinian delegation to Ireland to a mission.

The fact that Israel has objected speaks for itself.

R Kimball
co Galway

  • 'Unions are vital in a democracy' writes Kevin P McCarthy (letters, January 26). I think they are just another entry on the debit side of the payslip, and for what? Annual conventions in plush hotels.

E O'Neill
Co Westmeath

  • How fascinating to learn that the TDs Michael Lowry and Jackie Healy-Rae have extracted a concession from the Government concerning tax relief on second and subsequent offspring attending university.

Has this been agreed with the appropriate authorities in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, considering that this is where these people will be forced to go?

Laim Power
Ballina, Co Mayo

  • In his column about 'This abomination of democracy' (Irish Independent, January 25), Kevin Myers gave the impression that the State, at the behest of the Catholic bishops, 'outlawed male homosexual deeds'.

I believe he is wrong. The law criminalising homosexual behaviour was a law inherited from our previous rulers, Britain.

It may be popular to blame the Catholic church for every perceived wrong, but I'd expect Mr Myers to check out his facts first.

Sean Ryan
Lynwood, Dundrum, Dublin 16

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