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Marking your card on stallion

Sir -- I was immensely proud to be Irish last week. The trip by the Queen was a resounding success. Whatever the cost of the trip, it will pay for itself 20 times over because the world and their friend will want to come to Ireland now. President McAleese seems to have built up a wonderful rapport with the Queen. I was somewhat baffled when I saw a photo in your paper of the Queen viewing a stallion with a caption stating that the horse was Amadeus Wolf.

As a student of the equine world, I thought there was something askew as the horse on view had three white socks and a distinctive white face and was a bright chestnut to boot. On looking up the National Stud website I was reassured that Amadeus Wolf is still a dark chestnut with black legs. I think the horse the Queen was viewing was actually the stallion Jeremy.

John Drake,

Co Down

You are correct. The stallions were brought out in a different order to that supplied to the media.

Letters Editor

Sunday Independent