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Making the same mistake again

Sir -- Brendan O'Connor's WTF moment and teasing apart of the convoluted strands of 'Nama-think' was illuminating. (Sunday Independent, April 17, 2011). His 'moment' reminded me of my own -- in 2006 when I read that Ireland had built 80,000 houses. At that time, annual housing output in the UK was 130,000 units.

I remember thinking, 'Ireland's population is four million, less than the population of many UK cities -- WTF?'

Brendan's article (oddly) also called to mind a childhood incident. A budding anthropologist in the school yard conveyed information of an ancient tribe discovered still living in darkest Africa.

Called the Wheredefukawee People, they were lost for so long that they spent their time jumping up and down shouting, 'Wheredefukawee?' Why this was brought to mind is obscure (or perhaps not!).

But think of this: we got into awful trouble flooding the market with property and selling it to each other.

Now Nama (supported by the 'Noon'), says the solution to our problems is to flood the market with property again and... sell it to each other.

It'll even lend us the money to do it; as the banks did up to recently. Sound familiar?

Now I know what we have to do -- buy a house of course!

At least then we'll have a postal address and perhaps know wheredefukweea.

Brendan Kinnane,

Glasnevin, Dublin

Sunday Independent