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Making peace with our violent past

I WAS interested in a piece in the Irish Independent of Friday, February 18.

Enda Kenny said all political leaders should declare if they ever had any links with the IRA. We are all of the opinion that politicians take pride in being kindred spirits of the leaders of the 1916-22 campaign.

I am 87 and was reared on big doses of stories of their escapades. My father was in Cumann na nGael while my aunts and uncles followed Dev.

As far as I am aware, almost all nations who won independence went through a period of bloodshed. Gerry Adams and the IRA are no different.

My words must not be taken as cheerleading for any group. All our parties, excepting the Greens, have some connection with violence, so let us accept one another and bemoan the fact that this violence was part of the process that has brought us to where we are.

Any Fine Gael man who says the forebears of his party never had anything to do with violence is only a Blueshirt with his head in the sand.