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Make politicians more accountable

Sir -- I write concerning the large amount of articles and letters concerning the dire financial straits in which the State and many of its citizens find themselves; the reckless disposal of billions of euro from the National Pension Reserve Fund which belong to the citizens and electorate, and are not the personal fiefdom of the Minister for Finance; and the long overdue need for a working system of political checks and balances, the better with which this State might be administered.

To my mind, the problems that have created the appalling situation in which we find ourselves are due to one core problem: the political system with which we are encumbered. It has been endlessly debated in these pages and others, that we need political and constitutional reform. My horror is that each step suggested will push us even deeper into this unwanted and, might I say, unwarranted political and economic mire. The more that is done by the present government, the deeper the pit into which we all are pulled.

Might I also suggest that the executive, namely the office of the President, be reviewed and that such high office be attained only through direct election.

We can only have true reform by making the Dail accountable, not by allowing the rampant increase of power by which the necessary checks and balances expected of any truly democratic state are removed, even those of our presently enfeebled Seanad.

Noel Leahy,

Abbeyfeale, Co Limerick

Sunday Independent