Wednesday 22 November 2017

Magic money

•The modern banking model started in 1694 in London. For more than 200 years, we have allowed private organisations, namely central banks, create money they do not have out of thin air. In performing this sleight of hand, they never once created a cent of interest that is payable on our debts to them.

All of the money in circulation is just the principal owed on our debts, and not the principal plus the interest. Hence, there is not enough money in circulation to feed our collective debts. We now know private central banking is both a cartel and a Ponzi scheme. With this knowledge, what do we do?

We can continue to allow the 1pc vested interest to rule over us. In doing so we give them our sovereignty; be it in the form of the IMF taking over real physical assets of countries like Ireland and Greece, or the equally ludicrous notion of allowing local national banks take people's homes and then rent them back. Or we can side with the alternative. We can put our intentions behind the movement of the 99pc, the majority who only want a life of peace, happiness and security. By putting our intention here, we reclaim our sovereignty and we are part of an unstoppable movement toward change. We don't need to march on streets, our intention is enough.

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