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Mad world

• While I do not agree with the Captain Boycott-type tactics that were used to forcibly remove Brendan and Asta Kelly from their home in Killiney, the latest revelation that they own 13 properties in London, and up to 21 properties in Dublin, lands one in an alternative reality of Walter Mitty-esque proportions.

Did they think they were in a 'Reality Monopoly' game? The fact that many of their London properties were bought in the late 2000s is doubly puzzling, given that the seeds of the property bubble were sown at that time.

Given their ownership of 34 properties and their receipt of an eviction order dating from June 2010, it's somewhat difficult to stomach the Kellys' complaint of having nowhere to live.

The whole sorry incident is yet another example of the unbridled greed that characterised the Celtic Tiger years.

Ironically, we are unlikely to see similar eviction tactics employed by the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation against their former employee, the ex-CEO of Irish Nationwide. No fingering 'Fingers', then. More's the pity!

Mark Lawler
Kilmainham, Dublin 8

Irish Independent