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Lyric's meagre Irish playlist

Madam – With regard to the letter (Sunday Independent, February 9, 2014), 'Lyric brings joy to thousands'. There could be a major contradiction as to how many thousands it brings joy to, and the music it purports to represent. Firstly it needs to be stated that Lyric FM is a national Irish broadcaster and has a total audience of about five per cent nationwide. It's presentation of diverse Irish music is about two and a half per cent which, as a national radio station, is a total disgrace. In fact one programme I researched recently played, in one week, a total of 120 pieces of music and only four were Irish.

Perhaps the snobbery is not with the person who was calling the nicknames, but is with the person who has written the letter in support of Lyric.

As RTE Radio1 daytime broadcasting is now about 92 per cent talk radio, and RTE2fm has a younger audience listenership, there is now a need for a national radio station that will play diverse music including Irish, because listeners need to have choice, which is no longer available from the national broadcaster overall.

Many Irish people would consider Lyric FM as a radio station that caters for the needs of a highbrow audience; but, as a national radio station, it could be fully utilised to serve the entire public who own it.

Classical music has a right to be heard, but so also is there a need to cater for diverse Irish music. This now begs the question – with its present musical format – is there a need for Lyric FM which in all possibility is a financial liability to the State, or should it be a radio station for the other 95 per cent audience, and also offer support to a struggling Irish music industry?

Danny McCarthy,

Maynooth, Co Kildare

Sunday Independent