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Lucinda, to call organised labour a 'vested interest' is insulting

Lucinda Creighton warns that trade unions should be worried about the prospect of Fine Gael getting into government.

Ms Creighton echoes the statement on the Fine Gael website that the party "will take on the big vested interests that have contributed to the current crisis -- the bankers, the bondholders, the developers and the unions".

My union is not affiliated to any political party.

Trade unions exist for the benefit of members whose interests we struggle to serve in an increasingly hostile environment. And Ms Creighton promises it will get worse!

The use of the term "vested interests" to describe organised labour is as insulting as it is inappropriate.

Finally Ms Creighton has a right to chase the old PD vote in Dublin South-East but I would never suggest that in doing so she is motivated by a vested interest.

Seamus Dooley
Irish Secretary, National Union of Journalists, D 1

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