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Love is in the air

• What a delight it was to be in Carlow for the Kildare and Leighlin Diocesan Eucharistic Congress. Many hundreds upon hundreds of Catholics were there, seeking a renewal of the Irish church and also seeking like-minded people who love Jesus. It was a joy to be there amongst such wonderful people displaying their love of Christianity.

There is so much media coverage given to violence and murderers, hopefully Jesus Christ will get fantastic coverage for the Eucharistic Conference in June and leading up to it.

Many speakers attended, amongst them Fr Peter McVerry, the priest who has done so much for homeless boys on the streets of Dublin.

He made a comment that before judging a homeless person or anyone we have to put our ourselves in their shoes, as we don't know the rhyme or reason they ended up as they have done, and try to imagine how it can be for them living out of a cardboard box and all the anxiety attached to their situation.

He also would love to see women priests and married priests -- a man after my own heart. This will come but the wheels of the Vatican run so slowly that it will take a long time for married priests to come about, let alone women priests. The Vatican would not let its property go so easily to a widow of a priest, would it?

The Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Brown, said that the church was doing everything to find good and holy bishops for dioceses when positions became vacant.

Perhaps a renewal of the Catholic Church will take place. Maybe we will hear about the love and mercy that Jesus Christ has for each of us. Perhaps we will learn about His love, which is so much needed in this cruel world today, and then the politics of the Vatican can be left on the doorstep.

Ms Terry Healy
Kill, Co Kildare

Irish Independent