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Lost diaspora

• It is very apt to hear, on a day when Americans will be queuing outside their embassy in Dublin, the piece on the Irish Gathering 2013 on RTE LW 252 while driving to work in Manchester this morning. I have been living here for over seven years and I definitely feel like a forgotten Irish citizen and that the current and past governments are just happy that I am not another number on the dole queue due to the downturn in the economy at home.

I think this Government asking Irish all over the world to plough money and ideas back into the country is a disgrace. While the broad idea could be interesting it needs substance and it has none. The reason being the age-old phrase 'no representation without taxation'.

As soon as you leave, the Government forgets about you, strips you or your vote, and you effectively become a citizen without a country.

At the very least, Irish-born passport holders should have a vote.

If this Government is serious about engaging with the diaspora then it needs to show some recognition that we are not just Irish in body, mind and spirit but that we are backed by a democratic right to a vote.

Denis Garvey
Manchester, England

Irish Independent