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Loss of Aussie wit

• Most modern-day Australian so-called comedians/entertainers have lost our uniquely Aussie "Affectionate Irreverence".

That once great gift of Aussies being able to take severe "self-elevation" syndrome sufferers, and even the elitist "celeb-set", down a peg or two, while at the same time respectfully showing the offenders the error of their ways, has disappeared.

The heartless gloating by the two young Australian radio personalities of their nefarious violation of the medical record of a UK hospital, which has apparently led to the death of a dedicated London nurse, is a perfect example of so many modern Australians' now cruel irreverence.

Today, what passes for many Australians' "humour" is pure gutter language and toilet talk.

Our impoverished late foundry man dad often said to we three kids: "When given the tiniest privilege, you then have twice the responsibility."

But that was from an era when those who had "bugger- all" never laughed at anything, with bugger-all to laugh at.

Today, those who have struggled, striven, sacrificed and suffered very little, laugh, at very little.

Howard Hutchins

Wonga Pk, Vic, Australia

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