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Long goodbye

In these challenging times, emigration will always be seen as a desperate act, reminiscent of the early-1980s when the boat for England was popular.

Stories of emigration success propagandised by many are exaggerated in the extreme. There are as many stories by people about coming back with their tails between their legs as there are accounts of glorious achievement. Many emigrants end up in a far worse situation than before they left.

Overstaying on a visa can land a lot of people in serious trouble, being banned indefinitely from re-entering or leaving their new abode. Thousands of our fellow Irishmen and women are marooned, unable to see their families, unable to return for even a funeral.

Emigration is nothing other than a mug's game. Of course, the reason why so many people leave in the first place is all the nepotism and mutual association needed to get a job in our closed shops!

Maurice Fitzgerald
Shanbally, Co Cork

Irish Independent