Tuesday 15 October 2019


• Loneliness is -- recession 2011.

Loneliness is a cardboard box beneath a bridge

That empty feeling when you check the fridge.

The head down as you walk the street

In case you happen on someone you meet

Who knew you when you had a 'real' life

A happy family and a loving wife.

Loneliness is being 40 but feeling old

Sitting in the sunshine yet feeling cold.

Waiting for that nightly soup run

Watching others having fun

Knocking on the hostel door

Maybe sleeping on a stone cold floor.

Loneliness is that empty feeling

Stomach churning, head always reeling

Those sometime walks down by the river

That thought of no prospects makes you shiver.

Those blinding thoughts inside your head

Of thinking what if I were dead.

Loneliness is that home beneath that bridge,

Watching rats play chasing along the ridge.

C J Black
Enniscorthy, Co Wexford

Irish Independent

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