Tuesday 21 January 2020

Log on to work out tax refund

WE were very pleased to read that Tammie Smith received a tax refund from Revenue so promptly (Letters, February 3). I would have to add, however, that it's wrong to suggest that we would be annoyed at the idea of anyone telling people how to make a claim; quite the opposite.

We are always anxious to encourage people to claim all the tax reliefs due to them and have been working hard to make it easy for people to do so for many years.

For example, in 2009 alone we issued more than 1.4 million balancing statements to PAYE taxpayers.

There's an array of useful information on our website -- www.revenue.ie.

And we have even developed an online system, PAYE anytime, which makes it very easy to claim all that's due.

We would encourage all your readers to check them out.

Finally, I might add that the use of the phrase the "taxman" is quite misleading -- these days more than 60pc of Revenue staff are women.

David Coleman
Media Relations Manager,
Revenue Commissioners

Irish Independent

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