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Lockdown should not stop anglers using licence to fish

Letters to the Editor


'Rivers are now open again but many of us are prevented from access to the fishing for which we have paid state licences.'

'Rivers are now open again but many of us are prevented from access to the fishing for which we have paid state licences.'

'Rivers are now open again but many of us are prevented from access to the fishing for which we have paid state licences.'

As an angler (and there are no doubt many other categories of person in similar boats), I should like to protest against the arbitrary distance restriction currently imposed on me and many others by the powers that be: a radius of 5km from one’s home (at least until June 8).

Rivers are now open again but many of us are prevented from access to the fishing for which we have paid state licences and club subscriptions by a 5km rule that is irrationally pointless.

How do I pose a greater danger to myself or anyone else with regard to the virus if without interrupting my journey I drive, say, 10 or 15 rather than 5km to a riverbank out in the country where I will most likely be as good as alone in any case?

Having patently irrational elements of this kind in the rules tends to discredit the general regime of strict – though in a raft of areas, alas, not strict enough – regulation entirely necessary to get and keep the virus under control.

Our authorities seem to have confused distance from home with the crucially essential “social distancing”.

James N O’Sullivan

Killarney, Co Kerry


Keep brushing – and get your teeth into gum health

LOSING a few extra pounds gained during the current lockdown might be easier to do than reverse tooth decay.

The best way we can all avoid cavities is to brush our teeth twice a day, floss and avoid sugary foods and drinks. Gum Health Day 2020 also recently highlighted the importance of looking after our gums and the effect on our overall health.

The current challenges are stressful, and stress may suppress the immune system, allowing bacteria to grow in the mouth. This increases the risk for gum disease, which is linked to heart disease, diabetes and dementia. It is more important than ever to look after our oral hygiene. Keep brushing.

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Etain Kett

Public affairs and communications manager, Dental Health Foundation


Churches must change for congregations to worship

Churches need to be proactive, imaginative and present measures that will ensure the safety of their mainly elderly congregations if they wish to reopen.

Pews with all their nooks and crannies are havens for the coronavirus and should be removed. The floors can then be marked out at two-metre intervals to allow people to stand in safety during liturgies. If some of the elderly can’t stand for services, they could bring along a portable stool.

The Eucharistic celebration where Communion is a necessary element creates its own problems. However, if communion hosts were spread out on the altars parishioners could go there, take communion and return safely to their places.

The celebrants should also limit their sermons to a few points, cutting down on standing time for their congregations.

Funeral services could also be radically changed and adapted to allow those grieving some measure of respect.

Adaptation to the needs of our radically changed circumstances is the new necessity of life for all, including the churches.

Brendan Butler

Malahide, Co Dublin


Ross needs to self-isolate his opinions as a minister

Shane Ross has asked for masks to be worn on Luas, Dart and buses. The sitting candidate and minister who in the election came sixth in a three-seat constituency and who got around half the votes (including transfers) of the third-placed candidate, is clinging to his ministry for dear life.

His pathetic handling of his portfolio has resulted in his expulsion by the electorate at the speed of a circus cannon.

If Mr Ross had any sense of perspective considering his abysmal ministerial decisions and disenfranchisement of the public, he would do well to keep his head down and continue to take the taxpayers’ money for services utterly unrendered.

Eamon Kearney

Dublin 13


There’s nothing funny about clowns Trump and Johnson

If things were not so serious it would be a great time for stand-up comedians, even if some of their comedy is unintentional.

Most nights either the Great Twit (Trump) or Bumbling Boris entertain us with foot-in-mouth moments or great gesticulations. Are they trying to out-do each other? Some nights remind one of the great Ronnie Barker.

We in Ireland can laugh  at these two clowns but really we should be very worried about the mindset of those that voted them into power. These two idiotic chancers control two large economies, two large armed forces and have too much influence.

David Ryan

Co Meath

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