Wednesday 22 November 2017

Lock up enemies of State

Sir -- As a regular reader of this paper it has saddened me to watch the fabric of the nation unravel week by week over the last 10 years.

From the arrogant Catholic hierarchy covering up the despicable actions of paedophile priests, to politicians and government ministers blatantly flouting the laws of the State to satisfy their financial greed, and incompetent bankers and financiers using taxpayers' money to give themselves obscene bonuses in breach of government guidelines.

Is it not time to add an amendment to the "Offences Against the State Act'' where these people can be held responsible for their actions and placed behind bars? Originally introduced to deal with the threat of subversives, can the Minister for Justice not see that the above-mentioned have done so much more damage to the State than some misguided youth with a balaclava and gloves in a bunker?

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