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Lobby groups must be ignored in crisis

THE country is in crisis and as the Finance Bill now appears set to be rushed through the Dail we have the property lobby (arguably one of the main contributors to the banking and economic collapse) successfully pressurising the Taoiseach and Finance Minister to row back on the Budget proposal to limit the Section 23 allowance to one property.

This, at a time when everyone is asked to tighten their belts.

We have 400,000 people out of work, 50,000 young people leaving our shores each year and those who remain in employment have reduced salaries and increased taxes, while carers and those in receipt of blind pensions are ‘robbed' to satisfy the mandarins of Merrion St and their EU masters.

This volte face, by a government in its dying days, speaks volumes about Fianna Fail and its friends in the tent. The opposition parties who desire to see the Finance Bill go through within a week must be called to task on this at once.

Parties cannot be seen to yield to powerful lobbies such as this at a time when all of us are expected to carry a burden not of our own making.