Wednesday 13 November 2019

Like Mr Myers, I hope queen's visit goes well

I see Kevin Myers's point about leaving the problems of history in the past when QEII visits. Eight hundred years of history, however, is hard to forget.

The plantations, the penal laws, the Famine and the failure to implement the Home Rule Act were all major events. They do not add too much lustre to the reputation of the former colonial power.

There are, however, many items to balance these negatives -- among them a democratic system of government, a legal system going back to the Magna Carta, a world language and literature and a serviceable physical infrastructure.

On top of that, the people of this island voted for the Good Friday Agreement. This drew a line under the wrongs of history.

Given all that, this is a momentous visit. I don't often agree with Mr Myers but like him, I hope for all our sakes that the forthcoming visit goes well.



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