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Lift the ban

• This reiteration by the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Charles Brown, that there will never be women priests in the Catholic Church (Irish Independent on Monday) is yet another example of ecclesial misogyny.

However, the Archbishop–elect of Canterbury is more in tune with Jesus Christ's positive attitude to women as he is at present urging the Church of England's General Synod to vote for women bishops.

Yet in the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict has decreed that Catholics are not even allowed to discuss in public the possibility of women priests.

In spite of a eucharistic famine due to the shortage of Catholic priests, the Pope would rather churches close down and deprive the people of God at the centre of Christian life, the Eucharist, than have a woman priest enter a Catholic sanctuary to minister to God's people.

There is no theological or Biblical reason for a ban on women priests; the only reason is a fear of and a prejudice against the feminine psyche and body in the Catholic Church.

Brendan Butler
Malahide, Co Dublin

Irish Independent