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Life Lessons

• In the 27 years that I've been around

There are some things that I have found

Things I've picked up, living life day by day

So here are some lessons, I learned the hard way

A big size 10, is still way too tight

I may never know, my left from my right

I won't win the Lotto, unless I buy a ticket

I can't fix the dryer, no matter how hard I kick it

The world won't end, if I'm five minutes late

There's nothing as nerve-wrecking, as a first date

Making your bed, is a big waste of time

Once you hit 25, you're well past your prime

Oven chips are okay, but they're not the real deal

And chocolate cake, ain't a well balanced meal

There is nothing comfortable, bout wearing a thong

Mother knows best, even when she's wrong

The terrible twos, last till they're 21

There is always more housework, left to be done

If you're wearing odd socks, who's gonna know

Tyres only go flat, when you've somewhere to go

You can't turn back time, no matter how loud you shout

There is always more ketchup, which just won't come out

If your friends are awesome, tell them that they're great

You've still goals to reach, and it's never too late

But these are just my opinions, don't take it from me,

Live your life as you wish, and you will soon see

Like me you'll f**k up and see you're not alone

You'll learn valuable lessons, all of your own

Jody Pollington
Letterfrack, Co Galway

Irish Independent