Sunday 19 January 2020

Lie accusation is crass and foolish

Madam -- Declan Lynch (Sunday Independent, April 8, 2012) has made one of the most basic errors in his attack on the Irish language, and that is to assume that all of the 1.77 million Irish people who say they can speak Irish are lying. Some (indeed, many) are probably exaggerating or expressing an aspiration, but to accuse them of lying is crass and foolish.

There are several hundred thousand people (myself included) who speak Irish fluently or as a native language. Mr Lynch would deny us a decent television service so he can get more sports in English. Does he have the guts to tell my two daughters that they can no longer have Dora or Loopdidoo in Irish because he wants more Premier League soccer?

In the end, there's only one man in the room with a traffic cone on his head, and that's Mr Lynch, a typical Irish begrudger. Rather than celebrating the fact that the number of Irish people who either speak Irish or have a positive attitude to the language has risen very significantly in the last five years, he sees liars. Where's his brod?

Brian O Broin,

Bloomfield, NJ, USA

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