Tuesday 12 December 2017

Letters: Upset at eating disorder nonsense

Sir -- I feel slightly nauseous. I just finished Niamh Horan's article in Life magazine (Sunday Independent, Jan. 24, 2010) and I am extremely upset. .

Eating disorders are insidious, evasive diseases that thrive on secrecy yet in this article it seems to me that being thin, at any cost, is all that matters. While many individuals have the strength to come to their own conclusions others are more influenced by the media. If the young women (and men) of Ireland aspire to being thin, and use what they weigh as the only measure of their worth we will be losing the potential of an entire generation. It is articles like these that undo the work of countless health professionals who struggle to treat people with eating disorders. Fat or thin, everybody should be valued equally. Superficial nonsense about weight has no place in the media when it is such a sensitive issue. I hope no individual has been adversely influenced by this ill-judged article. Sadly the damage has already been done

Mary M. Molloy,

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