Sunday 21 January 2018

Letters: To thine own selfie be true

Even world leaders are fans of the ‘selfie’.
Even world leaders are fans of the ‘selfie’.

* The year was 2013. The word was 'selfie'. It was a term originating at least 10 years beforehand and one whose popularity had increased thanks to the introduction of smart technology and iPhones.

So what exactly does it mean? Well, it's very simple really. The operator of the phone uses the camera function to snap a shot of themselves, alone, in various poses. It has developed into a full-blown obsession and all for the basic reason that, by nature, we are narcissistic creatures. We like to see ourselves looking good and it is also true to say that, by nature, we too like to improve on a good thing.

The selfie is never going to be a genuine representation of who we really are or what we really look like. It isn't like a regular photograph, which, while briefly set up, can capture us in an unflattering light at times. The selfie eliminates all the hassle related to everyday group shots.

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