Tuesday 15 October 2019

Letters to the Editor: 'There can be no return of IRA's murderous campaign'

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Photo: PA
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Photo: PA
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

One could be castigated for declaring Boris Johnson a leader in the poisonous atmosphere of anti-Brexitism. How else can his forging ahead with Brexit be termed, if not leadership?

The false claims that the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) has saved lives from further violence is the latest outrageous hint, even from declared peaceful quarters, that Brexit could possibly be an excuse for the men and women of violence to have another go.

No. What stopped the IRA slaughter back then was the utter defeat of the IRA, but since that time, the terrorists have sought to put themselves on equal terms with governments and citizens in a pathetic show of pseudo-legitimacy.

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The alleged bypassing of the GFA/Brexit scenario is not permission for the IRA of every hue to revert to murderous intent, either by threat or reality. That the IRA got its terrorists out of prison under the GFA was its only goal, dressed up in quasi-political claptrap which fooled nobody.

For anyone to pretend or threaten a deal-or-no-deal Brexit is reliant on the sanction of violent people in Ireland is an insult to the dead of the Northern Ireland terrorists’ campaign, which the IRA caused, and will always hold the major responsibility and blame. Reality for some is slow to bite. Political naivety is not the same as deliberate political distortion.

Robert Sullivan

Bantry, Co Cork

Migrants want to work, rather than languishing in hostels

I DON’T understand why TD Noel Grealish or anyone else should be complaining about immigrants coming to Ireland – sure, haven’t Irish people been “economic” immigrants for decades?

The basic difference is that here, we don’t allow them to work, but try to put them in run-down hotels that the proprietor is delighted to make some money from. Irish immigrants had to work to survive, and I’m sure many immigrants should be delighted to have that opportunity, too, rather than wasting away in direct provision hostels.

Gemma Hensey

Westport, Co Mayo

We all have responsibility to tackle violence in the home

LOOKING at the sobering statistics of domestic violence, one can realise that this is a global, pervasive and appalling phenomenon. Women experience not only physical, emotional and psychological violence, but economic hardships, too.

Also, children who witness domestic violence are more prone to having abusive relationships themselves.

I cannot dispute the importance of stable families in nurturing the development of children. Collectively and individually, we have a solemn responsibility to tackle the underlying causes of violence, namely gender disparity, patriarchy, male dominance, funding shortages, social frameworks and historical roots, and re-figure our policies, rules and laws accordingly.

Dr Munjed Farid Al Qutob

London, UK

Cameron’s jibes manage to be both bitter and twisted

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron has accused the current PM Boris Johnson (not that he’s bitter or anything) of supporting Leave to further his career.

Right. And Mr Cameron never held that completely unnecessary vote in the first place because he thought for one moment he’d cakewalk it and thus further his own?

Mark Boyle

Renfrewshire, Scotland

Could Dublin’s five-in-a-row mean city honour for Gavin?

HIGH fives all round. Freedom of the City for Jim Gavin?

Tom Gilsenan

Beaumont, Dublin 9

Informative, positive blood health pieces really resonated

I WAS fascinated to read your recent articles on blood health. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in July of this year, and some of your contributors’ experiences really resonated with me. My diagnosis also came out of a clear blue sky, and I was naturally scared, confused and very angry. “Why me?” would have been a fair reflection of my mood.

Now, several months into treatment and back on an even keel, I can only reiterate the overwhelming tone of these articles. Great strides have been taken in treating and managing this particular cancer, and prospects for further advances are excellent. There remains a difficulty in early diagnosis, and I owe my diagnosis to a routine blood test, something I will always be grateful for.

Thank you so much for including such positive and informative articles.

Gareth James

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