Sunday 26 January 2020

Letters to the Editor: 'Suu Kyi denials of Myanmar genocide don’t stack up'

Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi waits to address judges of the International Court of Justice for the second day of three days of hearings in The Hague.
Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi waits to address judges of the International Court of Justice for the second day of three days of hearings in The Hague.
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

The notion advanced by Aung San Suu Kyi that there was no genocide perpetrated towards the Rohingya Muslim community in Myanmar is baffling.

This displays utter contempt for the thousands who continue to sacrifice their wellbeing, lives and livelihoods on the altar of peace and freedom worldwide.

It was more poignant because it coincided with Human Rights Day, an occasion to remember the nameless heroes who work selflessly in the service of others.

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Let us pay homage to Kashmiris, Palestinians, Syrians, and Burmese, among others, whose voices are stifled, whose needs are overlooked, and whose human rights to health, education, shelter, food, electricity and water are trampled upon by the agencies of nationalist, fascist, authoritarian and far right governments.

Their courage, moral clarity, and determination will continue to inspire us to continue our long march towards human emancipation and dignity.

Dr Munjeb Farid al Qutob

London, UK


Callan should say sorry for his cheap kick at Clondalkin

I was disgusted to hear RTÉ’s ‘Today with Sean O’Rourke’ radio programme on December 6 and the ‘Callan’s Kicks’ section when Oliver Callan said: “Jim Gavin did well to get five in a row...but he probably stole three of them because he is from Clondalkin.”

This was not funny. At a time we all need role models, Jim Gavin is one of Clondalkin’s best role models. Clondalkin has an excellent community spirit where we come together to help each other.

If Mr Callan reads this letter, maybe he would apologise for his cheap attempt at trying to be funny? Silly and offensive comments like this do nothing but reinforce negative coverage and comments about our area. We have much to be proud of and Jim Gavin and his achievements are a cause of great pride to the whole of Clondalkin and the whole of Dublin.

Cllr Francis Timmons

Clondalkin, Dublin


I’m a Tory Brexiteer – but I will be voting for Labour

Further to Philip O’Neill and Gerry Crosbie (Letters, December 11), I voted for Brexit in 2016 and for Boris Johnson in the leadership election. Although a Tory, I shall be voting for Labour’s Emma Dent Coad in my Kensington constituency today – she took the seat by a mere 20 votes (one of them mine) in 2017.

I can think of worse things than a Jeremy Corbyn-led government to worry about. I have no objection to a second EU referendum – I’d vote out again – and have no objection to plebiscites on Scottish independence and Irish reunification. Whoever is prime minister from ‘Friday the 13th’ onwards (hopefully, not an omen) they must not kowtow to Donald Trump, America’s uncouth president and epitome of a first-class Wall Street bully.  

Dominic Shelmerdine

London, UK


My Christmas wish? Another hung parliament in London

On Sunday I was asked what my Christmas wish would be. I answered I would like to see a hung parliament in the UK, thus prolonging my entertainment.

In the YouGov poll brought out on Tuesday the Tories were predicted to get 339 seats, down from a prediction of 359 in a similar poll two weeks ago. While the latest prediction would give them a majority of 28, a margin of error of plus or minus 3pc puts this in hung parliament territory.

Brexit has thrown up so many shocks. Are we in for another? Maybe I will get my Christmas wish after all.

Tommy Roddy

Salthill, Co Galway


Cut emissions now – or we really do face extinction

Halving emissions by 2030 is not enough: the ice is now over 10C too warm and for the next 1,000 years that’ll be warming it faster than we can cool it to stay alive. We have to take 5C at least out now or accept extinction.

The warming effects now, with all its increased droughts and flooding, is less than 20pc of what the green house gases in the atmosphere can cause, and all that stands between us and extinction is the ice – and it’s no longer below 0C. That 10C increase already in the atmosphere also translates to about 23 metres rise in sea level, so getting it down to 5C doesn’t mean we’re out of trouble.

Michael A McPhillips

Dublin 9


Well done for forcing Justice Minister to act on ‘compo’

Congratulations to Amy Molloy for highlighting “the compo industry” and embarrassing the Justice Minister into action, even jumping  on the bandwagon with the Perjury Bill. I hope the bill isn’t full of the usual loopholes.  We need to look at the English Book of Quantum and sort it out.

Dr Michael Foley

Rathmines, Dublin 6

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