Tuesday 15 October 2019

Letters to the Editor: 'Refugees revitalise societies in which they are able to settle'

'Time is ripe to remember refugees have been throughout history an indispensable force for positive transformation' Stock image
'Time is ripe to remember refugees have been throughout history an indispensable force for positive transformation' Stock image
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

I commend you for drawing attention to the unspeakable suffering of refugees beset by persecution, violence, verbal, physical and psychological harassment, homelessness, evictions, abject poverty, bankruptcy, racism, discrimination for reasons of race, religion, nationality and political persuasion.

Regrettably, this has been one of the most ineradicable, cruel and dark chapters in the history of humanity. Global powers like the US and the UK can be blamed for selling armaments to thuggish regimes embroiled in war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Time is ripe to remember refugees have been throughout history an indispensable force for positive transformation and like Albert Einstein, Thomas Hobbes and Voltaire they have often brought with them a plethora of intellectual wealth and economic prosperity that helped sustain host communities and enrich humankind at large.

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Dr Munjed Farid Al Qutob
London, UK

Prisoners show power of positive experience in jail

People in prisons are hardly ever spoken about in the media and when they are it is very rarely positive. I just want to share with your readers an experience I had in visiting Wheatfield recently.

Nine prisoners were graduating from a course run by the Red Cross.

This course involved the prisoners learning about how to tackle issues like addiction, poor mental health, racism and violence as well as how to do first aid and CPR.

The course not only involved learning how to tackle these issues appropriately, but also teaching their new-found knowledge to fellow prisoners. The course emphasises our shared humanity by respecting others and contributing to society in a positive way.

I was there on behalf of the Irish Cancer Society to accept a hugely impressive donation of €1,348.29 raised by these nine exemplary prisoners. How positive is that!

Maureen Fallon, volunteer driver
Irish Cancer Society

Pamplona bull run a cruel and sub-human tradition

I watched the Pamplona bull run video on your site yesterday. Every time I see such videos my blood boils.

This barbaric event sees the terrified bulls forced to run to the very place they will be sent into a bull ring, where they will be savagely speared and weakened by mounted horsemen before being put to death by what is supposed to be a brave matador facing a charging bull.

In reality the beast is just a half-dead weakened animal being put to death by a man carrying out a sub-human activity.

But there are uplifting moments during the runs when the bulls get a chance to dish out some payback.

Anthony McGeough
Kingswood Heights, Dublin 24

Leaking UK ambassador’s emails was a public service

WHOEVER leaked the cables concerning British ambassador to Washington Kim Darroch and his comments about US President Donald Trump was doing a public service with an honest appraisal of an unstable president. That Julian Assange of Wikileaks should be facing extradition to America simply for revealing similar, truthful information is most unjust and inhumane.

Dominic Shelmerdine
London, UK

Rats in the Dáil bar are beyond power of description

THERE are not enough words in the dictionaries of the whole world to describe what it means to be a rat in the Dáil bar.

Robert Sullivan
Bantry, Co Cork

DUP should be wary of a woman scorned by Commons

COULD it be that the House of Commons’ same-sex marriage and abortion legislation should be named “May’s revenge”?

Brid Fitzpatrick
Terenure, Dublin 6

Ireland cannot tolerate a  no-deal failure by UK and EU

Simon Coveney said a no deal is an ugly prospect that will put jobs and businesses at risk and people under a great deal of strain. Tell us something we don’t know, Simon.

The Foreign Affairs Minister made the comments as the Government released its latest contingency plans on how to react if the UK crashes out of the EU.

The return to a hard Border in Northern Ireland would be a political failure by both the British government and the EU and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

A no-deal Brexit would result in far-reaching change on the island of Ireland .

Noel Harrington
Kinsale, Co Cork

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