Tuesday 25 June 2019

Letters to the Editor: 'Our double standards on greeting Hillary and Donald'

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Photo: Getty Images
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Photo: Getty Images
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Hillary Clinton voted for the invasion of Iraq. Which, in view of George Bush’s lies, might be put down to an unfortunate error of judgment.

However, she obviously didn’t learn from that mistake because she played a pivotal role in the bombing of Libya, using the crude language, “We came, we saw, he died”.

Libya was turned from a relatively stable, prosperous country into a hellhole, now the major source of the refugee crisis in Europe.

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Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama also armed Isil-led rebels in Syria, helping to prolong the civil war in that country. The Assad regime can be brutal but the alternative would be a lot worse.

So far, Donald Trump hasn’t invaded any countries. Of course, he may do so (and then I would agree with his critics) but we can only judge him on his actions, not on what he may or may not do. Tweeting is hardly equivalent to bombing.

Yet when Hillary Clinton visits these shores she is treated like a heroine and Donald Trump is treated like a villain. Can someone please explain this?

Eric Conway

Co Meath

Trump is not a stupid guy? The facts show otherwise

Anthony McGeough’s letter of June 6 tells us President Trump is not stupid. I’m wondering if Anthony has ever heard him speak or read his tweets. There are far too many to mention in which what he says or tweets is factually incorrect.

When meeting world leaders he again has done no homework and can’t answer questions without using the same mantra of doing a tremendous deal and what great friends they are. The US economy has been growing since 2011, and has continued to do so, even under trade agreements Trump said are bad for the US.

When it comes to North Korea there has always been dialogue and even agreements. However, North Korea always reneged on the deals, one of the reasons no US president ever met a North Korean leader. But on this occasion the North Koreans just had to flatter President Trump to get a meeting.

And for opening dialogue with Iran, there was an international agreement with Iran, which Trump decided to rip up for no other reason than President Obama’s name was one of the signatures to this agreement. He has caused the current problems with Iran. The man is not a politician, nor a diplomat.

And he hasn’t the intelligence to deal with serious world issues without bringing them back down to real estate and a “great deal”.

Alan Fairbrother

Dublin 16

The irony of Brexiting Britain honouring D Day

Is it not ironic that the British, who have just remembered D Day with great reverence, are now trying to break up the European Union through their shameful and ignorant Brexiteers? As regards the uneducated president of the US, he requires a lesson in history.

P Lincoln

Dublin 16

Taoiseach looked out of his depth with the US President

The sight of our Taoiseach greeting the president of the United States in an airport hangar did little for the international image of Ireland. The Taoiseach looked embarrassed and out of his depth, in contrast to the elan with which the queen of England mustered the impressive array of British diplomatic tools for the same purpose.

Trump demonstrated a warm and considered side to his personality, which will have seen his stock rise significantly among those who have an objective viewpoint. The one derogation from that: when he called Sadiq Khan a loser. That was in reaction to a prior attack on him by the mayor of London. 

Trump may not fully understand the absolute necessity of the backstop and the inevitable progression towards unity in this island but he has not advocated that Ireland should leave the EU.

Neither did he promote that position for England. He has sought detente with North Korea and with Russia. In contrast, Obama in his eight years in office deported three million immigrants from the United States and dropped more drone bombs on the world than any president before or since.

Maurice O’Callaghan

Co Dublin

Who would think Michael Gove could be interesting?

‘Tory leadership hopeful Michael Gove deeply regrets taking cocaine,’ shouted the headline. Wow. I would never have dreamed Mr Gove was that interesting – or ingenuous.

Jim O’Sullivan

Co Sligo

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