Friday 18 October 2019

Letters to the Editor: 'Lunney beating shows that to some, the Border is already up'

'EU chiefs are told that we have an open Border, but what they do not realise is that, as far as crime is concerned, there is a Border' (stock photo)
'EU chiefs are told that we have an open Border, but what they do not realise is that, as far as crime is concerned, there is a Border' (stock photo)
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Quinn Industrial Holdings chief operating officer Kevin Lunney has received a terrible beating from people with paramilitary connections.

All political parties should condemn this outrageous attack on this poor man.

EU chiefs are told that we have an open Border, but what they do not realise is that, as far as crime is concerned, there is a Border. When is this going to change?

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And how will the political parties, on both sides of the Border, address this serious problem?

Danny Murphy

Address with Editor


Rule of law is the only way to tackle the sinister elements

Sinister criminal elements that attacked a senior executive on Tuesday evening between Derrylin and Cornafean must be condemned by everyone north and south of the Border.

The ongoing threats, attacks on equipment and property to Quinn Holdings, and this recent kidnapping are symptoms of the ongoing insidious attempt by a small group of terrorist/criminals to sow fear and intimidate both the owners of the company and those who are employed on their behalf.

What this sinister element does not realise is that it is putting many hard-won jobs in Derrylin, and those subsidiaries that supply Quinn Holdings, in jeopardy.

I hope that people who believe in the tenets of law and order and basic human rights come to realise that those who exert this type of influence are nothing other than bullies and thugs.

Those involved, whether from a terrorist background or cowardly criminal elements, do not speak for the people of Derrylin or anywhere else for that matter.

There is no place in a lawful society for this type of thuggish and brutal activity. They must be outed and brought to a proper place of justice.

Christy Galligan

Letterkenny, Co Donegal


Yes, Gaza situation is pitiful but Hamas has to take blame

I read with concern the article by Francesca Holt about the pitiful situation in Gaza, particularly in relation to the young people who have been maimed (‘Maimed by marksmen: This is what happens in Gaza, every single Friday’, Irish Independent, September 18).

Sadly she didn’t mention the large volumes of rockets fired from Gaza into southern Israel and the innocent Israelis who have been affected.

Yes, there is a blockade of Gaza because if there wasn’t there would be even more aggression against Israel and Israeli casualties.

Now, it is sad that young people are being hurt at the Gaza border, but why are they there? They are expressing anger and violence against Israelis and this, I would suggest, is a complete waste of time and life.

What is needed is a regime change in Gaza and a peaceful and rational commencement of negotiations, something which Hamas is notoriously unable to do.

Don’t blame Israel for the appalling conditions of the people of Gaza, as it is firmly Hamas leaders who are responsible. Indeed, they are doubtless ‘encouraging’ these poor young people to throw stones and projectiles at Israel.

John Holwell

Seahouses, UK


If Holt’s Israel bullet claim is correct, then it is a war crime

I would like to add comment following on from the excellent piece by Dr Francesca Holt.

It is mentioned in the article that live ammunition being fired in Gaza “mushrooms” inside, which suggests to me that the bullets used are not ‘full metal jacketed’ bullets, but instead may be a variety of ‘hollow-tipped’ (soft-nosed, semi-jacketed, dumdum) bullets.

If this is the case, then it is in direct contravention of the Hague Convention on the use of munitions and a violation of the laws of war, thus making it a war crime which should be investigated as such by the international community.

Morgan McMonagle

Consultant Surgeon, Waterford University Hospital; Director of Trauma Training RCSEng


Buffoon, pillock, fruitcake... – the UK has lots of options

I am beginning to wish we had a choice

of leadership candidates as long and as varied as they have in the United Kingdom, where they can choose from blustering buffoon Johnson, procrastinating pillock Corbyn, simpering Swinson and fruitcake Farage.

That is before we consider the lesser lights like Sturgeon and Foster (although the latter is by now irrelevant).

By comparison, our leaders are world-class.

David Ryan

Co Meath

Irish Independent

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