Monday 19 August 2019

Letters to the Editor: 'Leaving Cert is the real deal, unlike fake world of celebs'

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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

It's not easy being young in a world of virtual reality, cyber celebrity and fake narcissistic achievement. The misuse of “beautiful people” and “trend setters” to influence the lifestyles, opinions, standards and actions of young people is all-pervasive. Body image, sexual preference, personality and attitude are under constant scrutiny on social media.

The publication of the Leaving Cert exam results tomorrow is an opportune time for young people to take stock and realise that they are the best educated generation in Irish history, equipped with the skills, work ethic and confidence to avail of higher education and career opportunities than ever before.

They need not be outsmarted by vested interests or malevolent manipulators. On the contrary, young people have the ability and ambition to play an important leadership role in a progressive and inclusive country.

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Don’t believe it when the naysayers tell you that your Leaving Cert is worthless. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Leaving Cert doesn’t define who you are, but it is a prestigious and valuable document. Enjoy your results tomorrow. Be proud of them. They are a tangible and real achievement.

The sky is the limit if you stay grounded in reality and prioritise your education and career goals. Carpe Diem!

By the way, your Leaving Cert results are personal and private. You decide who should know about them. They are far too precious to share on social media. Congratulations!

Billy Ryle

Tralee, Co Kerry


McDonald should press now for reunification referendum

I completely agree with James F Kennedy (Letters, Irish Independent, August 10). The present Irish Border is an artificial, British-imposed one when Britain forcefully and shamefully separated Ireland. The island of Britain naturally shares internal borders between Scotland, Wales and England. Ireland had its border thrust upon it.

Although English and Protestant, I believe in a reunited Ireland where the head of state is democratically elected – unlike Britain’s House of Windsor imposed on its ‘subjects’. Although I voted for Brexit, Nicola Sturgeon and Mary Lou McDonald should seize the chance to push for a second Scottish independence referendum (within a republic) and an Irish reunification plebiscite.

Dominic Shelmerdine

London, UK


Battle against climate change must be put on war footing

The writing – ‘Climate Change Threatens the World’s Food Supply,’ a global warning about global warming by United Nations’ – is on the wall, loud and clear across the globe.

Some time back, the downside of climate change and extreme variations in temperatures was considered as a problem restricted to the developing countries.

However, this myth has been disproved by recent unprecedented heatwaves in Europe, America and other parts of the world as we see all continents being ravaged by floods in one part and punishing droughts in others, with the hope for moderation in temperatures staying only as an illusion.

The few rich and privileged may seem to be insulated to some extent during extreme heat, but in natural calamities triggered by deforestation, industrialisation and rampant mining, Mother Nature’s wrath is an ultimate equaliser in levelling the field.

Unfortunately, the aggressive nuclear race and industrial growth in pursuit of raising GDP has taken the driver’s seat, without much attention being given to the unfolding environmental pollution and water scarcity even in crucial farming and granary belts.

Unless the international community addresses afforestation, carbon emission that causes pollution, water conservation and rain water harvesting on a war footing across the world, worse environmental and water crises could be lurking across the world.

Atul M Karnik

Woodside, New York


Regular correspondent’s opinions are not to my taste

After years of letter writing, Rob Sadlier (‘We must all play our part in putting an end to the wilful and selfish destruction of our planet’, Irish Independent, August 10), campaigned to rid schools of religion. Are we now going to have to keep reading his letters telling us what we can and can’t eat?

Alan Fairbrother

Dublin 16


Don’t waste the entire day on a whirlwind wedding

Reading about whirlwind romances, and indeed marriages, reminded me of advice from eight-times-married Mickey Rooney.

He cautioned that if you decide to get married, best do so very early in the morning. In the event that the marriage doesn’t work out, you will not have wasted a full day.

Alan Gilsenan

Dublin 9

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