Sunday 20 October 2019

Letters to the Editor: 'It’s time we told the DUP to stop holding us all to ransom'

DUP Leader Arlene Foster. Photo: Brian Lawless/PA Wire
DUP Leader Arlene Foster. Photo: Brian Lawless/PA Wire
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

I’m not sure about the rest of your readers – and being aware of the delicate negotiations going on concerning Brexit – but I’m absolutely fed up with the vitriol and hatred being directed at us by the DUP.

Despite those hurtful and untruthful comments that are broadcast internationally, our Government appears quite happy not to reply. Maybe it is right, but I would just love it if one of our ministers would stand up and once and for all tell the DUP to take a hike.

Its 10 MPs are holding us and the rest of the EU to ransom.

Aidan Hampson

Artane, Dublin

Spiritual writer lives on with his illuminating guidance

It was with deep sadness I learned of the passing of the gifted author and spiritualist Paddy McMahon, originally from Tulla, Co Clare.

His thousands of readers will miss a wonderful inspirational writer who lit up the lives of so many. His family and friends have lost an irreplaceable soul.

Paddy’s book the ‘Grand Design’ celebrated how we are all carried into and out of this world by the river of spirit which permits us to walk the banks of the world fleetingly, before we return to its all-embracing eternal flow.

Paddy didn’t believe in farewells, as he explained so beautifully in his unique book ‘There are No Goodbyes’. We do not pass away. We pass on.

Love, like spirit, never dies. We will carry you in our hearts; while you will carry us with your words: guiding our paths, with ever illuminating insights.

Tom O’Brien

Killiney, Co Dublin

Only small FG cohort wants Commonwealth membership

Much has been made in recent days of the remarks made by MP Jeffrey Donaldson at the Fine Gael National Conference in Wexford in relation to encouraging the Republic of Ireland to join the Commonwealth, and a perception that has been conveyed in the media that such a suggestion was warmly welcomed by Fine Gael delegates.

As an attendee at this session (which also included Alliance Leader Naomi Long MLA, Claire Hanna MLA from the SDLP as well as Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney, and which was in fact impressively organised by Young Fine Gael), my own perception is that the majority of the room did not applaud these remarks, although a very modest number robustly applauded the comments.

There would be a very small cohort of Fine Gael members who would advocate Commonwealth membership, but I would think that this cluster would be about 1-2pc of the overall membership.

Most Fine Gael members, in my view, hold a fiercely negative sentiment towards any such proposal, in line with the majority of the general population.

John Kennedy (Fine Gael)

C/O Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council

Commons is not always best placed to see through the fog 

It’s been my view that a parliament is the best way to determine government policy, rather than referendums that are often  influenced by a variety of side issues other than the major one.

However, given the turmoil in the UK parliament following the narrow majority in the EU referendum – 51.9pc to 48.1pc – I have changed my mind.

Given the political paralysis in Westminster,  how can those who oppose another referendum be so sure that the 51.9pc knew they were voting for such political mayhem?

No doubt some Brexiteers would concur with the saying of the 1930s: “Fog in Channel; Europe cut off”.

However, in 1939 the UK had to go to war to defend democracy in Europe against fascism.

Tony Moriarty

Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6

Keep ‘Mother of Parliaments’ in your thoughts this Sunday

As Mother’s Day approaches, spare a thought for the ‘Mother of Parliaments’ as she is suffering from dementia.

Joe Meenaghan

Firhouse, Dublin 24

A poem for Theresa as she sails through choppy waters

There once was a girl named May,

Who refused to go away,

She failed over Brexit,

As she sailed to the exit,

With everyone bleating nay, nay!

Billy O’Riordan

Clonmel, Co Tipperary

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