Sunday 26 January 2020

Letters to the Editor: 'Ireland will not escape lightly if Johnson comes to power'

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

A chill wind is blowing across British politics, leaving in its wake a sense of oppressive foreboding and despair, fuelled by the death of truth and integrity and the ruthless exploitation of a half-baked populism.

In a few days, the British will wake up to the realisation Boris Johnson’s dream is destined to steadily become their nightmare.

While Mr Johnson basks in the glory of his new-found bogus commitment to the health service and the good of all, UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn seems to be trapped in an outdated version of socialism that does not ring many bells in the world of markets and money.

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It looks as if the UK is about to be saddled with the most unpopular prime minister on record.

Boris, the clown prince of darkness, seems to have drained away the distinction between truth and falsity.

He is a master of the craft of persuading, driven by an intense sense of entitlement. His party has left no stone unturned in concealing his many debilitating faults.

Ireland can so easily drift into the madness that is Brexit.

We will soon realise we are directly and indirectly caught up in a mish-mash of

long-drawn-out trade agreements.

We will be left adrift by Boris and Donald Trump, both of whom suffer from terminal mendacity.

Once politicians cease to be believed, their capacity to serve their country withers. Politics tends to harbour the seductive belief that good ends can only be brought about by resorting to dubious means; the end is assumed to justify the means.

Sadly, the problem here is that the politician is corrupted by the dubious means and not healed again by the achievement of the good end desired.

Philip O’Neill

Oxford, UK


Time for the Irish to get out and vote in UK’s election

MUCH is made of the influence of the Irish vote in US elections, but little is spoken about the significance of the Irish vote in the United Kingdom.

With analysts suggesting 40,000 votes in 36 marginal constituencies could decide the outcome of the UK election, perhaps it’s time for a ‘phone a friend’ campaign urging family and friends in the UK to support Remain candidates.

It is a vote that could be significant in stopping Brexit or protecting us from the likely consequences of a no-deal Brexit in 2021. 

Gerry Crosbie

Ballsbridge, Dublin 4


Christmas comes wrapped in the Irish Independent

I HAVE heard folk saying that this year they will use newspaper to wrap presents. My son actually did that some years ago.

I’ll never forget crawling under the tree to do my Irish Independent crossword.

Tom Gilsenan

Beaumont, Dublin 9


Let the lawyers pay legal costs in ‘no foal, no fee’ cases

THE new perjury law will go the way of lots of other legislation that is not implemented. It will be very difficult for gardaí to prove perjury.

A solution could be that in “no foal, no fee” cases where the plaintiff loses the case and they cannot meet the defendant’s costs, the solicitor and barrister who decided that the case had merit should pay the costs of the defendant.

This might cause them to reflect a bit more on the cases they are presenting.

Michael Lennon

Castleknock, Dublin 15


RTÉ could end up in same game as FAI if not watched

I SEE RTÉ director general Dee Forbes is again complaining about the TV licence fee not being collected.

Like any business, there are going to be non-payments, people not paying car tax, not paying for public transport, pilfering in supermarkets, etc.

However, like all businesses at the start of a year, the people at the top work out what their income for the year will be.

In the case of RTÉ, this is licence money, advertising, etc. Then they spend accordingly, leaving a small sum for an emergency.

If the Government is not careful we will have another FAI on our hands.

Tom Glynn

Renmore, Co Galway

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