Wednesday 13 November 2019

Letters to the Editor: Election or new referendum is UK's only way out of mess

A view of the Palace of Westminster. Stock picture
A view of the Palace of Westminster. Stock picture
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

There is no lawful way of avoiding border controls if the integrity of the single market is to be maintained, and the people living in Northern Ireland can't be treated differently in EU law to those living in ports on the English Channel.

Leaving the EU was the UK's decision and when the consequences were not told to British voters in the referendum, then an election or another referendum is the only honest way of knowing their informed wishes and decision.

The longer the present situation lasts, the more costly it becomes, and while parliament remains hung up, divided on what to do and unable to reach consensus, the UK economy is deteriorating and volatility in the markets is increasing.

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Michael A McPhillips Ballymun, Dublin 9 

Spirituality centre could teach bishop a thing or two

BISHOP Alphonsus Cullinan's warning to schools in my home dioceses of Waterford and Lismore that the teaching of yoga and mindfulness are not suitable for parish schools on the grounds that their origins are not Christian is extraordinary. If this is to be an essential criterion for curriculum selection, then mathematics, hurling and the Irish language should equally be excluded.

Further, as a product of a Jesuit education, he might wish to consider making the authorities of schools in the dioceses aware of the order's 'Pathways to God' retreats offered at its St Beuno's Spirituality Centre in north Wales, which are based on "mindfulness, stress and Christian spiritual practice".

As the most enlightened religious group in the Church on education, the direction of their work merits serious attention.

Professor Tom O'Donoghue University of Western Australia, Crawley, Australia  

Thanks to Joe, Rory and the team - it's been a pleasure

AS I watched the Irish rugby team losing to New Zealand on Saturday afternoon, I dreaded the backlash Joe Schmidt and the team might get from the begrudgers in the long grass here at home.  I thought it would be so wrong to judge Joe and his team on this performance. Yes, we made a lot of basic errors, but a lot (not all) of it came from the pressure the All Blacks put on us. There is no disgrace to be beaten by the potential winners of the Rugby World Cup.

My fears were reduced when I saw the reception Rory Best got as he left the field for the last time in an Irish shirt and also when he did his post-match interview, which was delayed because of the reception he got from the fans in the stands.

Also, as Joe made his way down to the field before the game ended, so many supporters wanted to shake his hand and thank him, on behalf of all genuine supporters, for the highs he has given us during his time with Leinster and Ireland.

We are all disappointed, but it should not take away from the enjoyment we have got over the years. Joe and Rory: thank you, it's been a pleasure having you on our side and we appreciate your efforts.

Donough O'Reilly Kilmacud, Co Dublin  

Taking on Trump role a real waste of talent for Gleeson

I THINK it is a disgrace that Brendan Gleeson will be taking the part of Donald Trump in an upcoming TV series.

It's a terrible waste of that actor's talent.

Aidan Hampson Artane, Dublin

Why can't MPs and UK media tell the truth about Brexit?

SADLY, neither British politicians nor the serious media outlets in the UK seem interested in discussing facts about Brexit.  For years, and again in the Commons on Saturday, senior Tory MPs who should know better have been trotting out complete rubbish, including "Brexit will be great for Britain/Brexit will be a triumph/Brexit will get us out from under the yoke of the EU" and so on.

Listening to and watching some of the recent vox-pops makes it obvious a lot of very gullible people actually believe this guff. The unvarnished truth is that any form of Brexit, with or without a deal, will cause great harm to the UK, some damage to the EU and a disproportionate amount of damage to all segments of the Irish economy. In better times, it was a "mortaller" to mislead the House.

Now, politicians think nothing of this and even tell porkies to their queen. Armageddon can't be far behind.  How I would relish an opportunity to "discuss" Brexit with some of these complete toffee-nosed charlatans - and some in the British Labour party, too.

David Ryan Drumree, Co Meath

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