Wednesday 13 December 2017

Letters to the Editor: Donald Trump's values add up to classic sociopathy

US President Donald Trump. Photo credit: Matt Cardy/PA Wire
US President Donald Trump. Photo credit: Matt Cardy/PA Wire
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Ian O'Doherty insists Donald Trump was right to question our will to fight for Western values (Irish Independent, July 11). A proper response could quite easily be the bones of a PhD thesis. As I am not capable of such heights, I would consider these two issues.

Firstly, what are Donald Trump's values that he trumpets: misogyny, racism, exploitation of working people. He appears to take an anti-social delight in not paying his dues in taxation.

In my view it all adds up to classic sociopathy. Downgrading political theory to tweets as an excuse for not having the faintest idea or concern for what is happening outside of his, and I use this word advisedly, mind. Mowing down anyone who stands in his way without recourse to morality or reason.

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