Friday 24 January 2020

Letters to the Editor: 'Cruel confusion surrounds our postponed retirement'

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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

I have been asked to write to you on behalf of all my colleagues at work. People who have to retire this year at the age of 65 will not be allowed to get their pension until they are 67.

They have to go on jobseeker’s for a year until they are 66, and after that the Government has made no provisions for them. These people don’t know if they will get jobseeker’s for another year or a reduced pension.

As Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar said these are the good people of Ireland who have got up out of their beds and gone out to work, and need to be rewarded. How are these people rewarded? A year on the dole and we don’t know what to do with them after that.

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The people need to come together and let the Government know we won’t take this.

Catherine Lunney

Co Cavan

Mass murder of 176 people shows Iran cannot be trusted

From what we know of the Iranian regime, I would attribute no credibility to the statement by the Iranians that the murder of 176 innocent people was an error.

I find it far more likely it was a considered deliberate act of revenge by either a local commander, or the supreme commander with the warped mentality of the Iranian regime, attributing responsibility for the killing of Major General Qasem Soleimani to the nearest defenceless target.

If we have learned anything from the murder of these people it is that the world should never allow the fundamentalist mentality of the Iranian regime to gain possession of nuclear weaponry.

Anthony McGeough

Dublin 24

Enough of Black and Tans – we need reconciliation

The Belfast/Good Friday Agreement was signed decades ago by this democratic republic and former colony and by the UK, our former colonial masters.

It was approved by a large majority in both parts of this island. It drew a line under centuries of colonial rule and ushered in a period of reconciliation.

A problem arose when the Brexiteers in the UK seemed to have voted to tear it up but hopefully diplomatic efforts have been successful in maintaining the agreement as a means of reconciliation on these islands.

Recently people on this island have been proposing efforts at reconciliation in relation to the War of Independence a century or so ago. Some people have, however, been equating these efforts to reconcile the people in relation to the past with being Black and Tans or some such.

Well into the 21st century and decades after the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement was signed, is it not in all our interest to maintain the moral attitude of reconciliation represented by the agreement and not be reducing the democratic discourse to accusing one another of being Black and Tans?

A Leavy

Dublin 13

Spanish lesson could save us election grief for families

Spanish elections are held on Sunday. Would a similar arrangement here not avoid:

a) childcare arrangements and school term adjustments;

b) traffic jams on weekdays?

Anne Donnellan

Co Clare

Foster’s gesture will give Stormont some strength

All people of goodwill will wish the new Northern Executive well and that it really will prove to be a new approach for a new decade.

Arlene Foster has made a good start with her reference to the Irish proverb “Ní neart go cur le chéile” – Together we are strong.

John Glennon

Co Wicklow

Talking of the TV licence, Tiernan’s worth every cent

I have just watched the latest episode of ‘The Tommy Tiernan Show’ on RTÉ One and I’m just lost for words.

To watch Tiernan on this show is worth the licence fee on its own. He has brought the television talk show to a new level. Pure magic.

Brian Mc Devitt

Co Donegal

Pay-as-you-go viewing would truly reflect the public’s tastes

Having read through the list of the 50 most-watched TV programmes of 2019 – half of which were sports events – I was left wondering what I’m paying a TV licence fee for and whether a simple pay-per-view subscription system would be fairer and better value.

Roger A Blackburn

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