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Letters to the Editor: 'Can Isil-supporting mother be allowed to care for child?'


'Would she be allowed to continue to be the carer of that child?' (stock photo)

'Would she be allowed to continue to be the carer of that child?' (stock photo)

'Would she be allowed to continue to be the carer of that child?' (stock photo)

I would like to pose this question to the Child and Family Agency.

What would it do if it became aware of a child under the care and influence of a woman who, by her own admission, was a supporter of Isil, a murderous gang of terrorists intent on inflicting horrendous maiming, torture and murder on innocent men, women and children in cities all across the EU, a person who believed so strongly in this murderous gang that she travelled to join them in their killing spree in Syria. Would she be allowed to continue to be the carer of that child?

Is that child, if left in her care, in danger of being groomed to believe the mother’s philosophy of evil and the destruction of our way of life? Are we seriously going to leave that child with that self-confessed supporter of terrorism?

Anthony McGeough

Kingswood Heights, Dublin


Time in the Army would help sort this country out

Myself and my friend recently had a drink in Temple Bar, Dublin. The pint and the vodka were €8 each. I went to a local shop and paid €13.50 for a packet of cigarettes and herself later had a vegan burger costing €12. We returned to our €200-a-night hotel room.

What a country! We can’t even provide a hospital bed. We charge the elderly €1,200 a week for a nursing home. Every Polish doctor has their own X-ray machine but we have to go to A&E and wait 12 hours.

The minimum wage is under €10 an hour and if you work 40 hours your full net pay wouldn’t rent you a caravan in Dublin.

We pay the highest insurance rates in Europe and the roads are a joke. We haven’t even got a proper train/bus network. People work without sick pay or pensions.

If I were Taoiseach for a day, I would:

  • Make it obligatory for school leavers to serve a year in the Army;
  • Anyone on social welfare, rent allowance or free housing would be given a job in the Army after a year of welfare;
  • I would appoint Michael O’Leary as Minister of Finance and Ben Dunne as Minister of Health and offer them €1m each, which they would probably turn down.

Then we would see changes rapidly. It’s time to wake up and not put up with any more. Maybe I will start a new political party and call it Ordinary Man Party – oops, that’s sexist!

Ray Keane

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Killarney, Co Kerry


Cyclists need to give drivers a chance to see them on road

I was amused to read the editorial (Irish Independent, November 12) regarding cyclists.

Could someone give them penalty points for not having a light on their bicycles so a driver can see them in the cycle lane.

Also, so many of them cycle with their headphones in their ears.

Cyclists, please give drivers a chance to see you on the road – and what about those headphones?

Bernadette O’Connor

Address with editor


Treasures of Venice will be lost without climate action

Venice embodies the very best of the treasures of Italy, from the canals to the gondolas, the basilica, St Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge, among others.

Freak floods, heatwaves, high sea levels

and weather instability, raging monsoons and food insecurity have devastated so many lives.

They are also threatening to fuel conflicts, migration and engender the greatest human displacement in modern times.

This necessitates the urgency for climate action – otherwise we will lose this gem on the Adriatic forever.

Dr Munjed Farid Al Qutob

London, United Kingdom


Grealish should apologise to our Nigerian residents

Now that the Central Statistics Office’s figure of €18 a week has been established as the true sum being remitted home by Nigerian people – rather than the “astronomical amount” touted in the Dáil by Independent TD Noel Grealish – he should apologise to the 17,642 Nigerian people resident in Ireland.

Brendan Butler

Malahide, Co Dublin


We seem to be witnessing the rise of the Galway Trump

Galway has been famous for many things over the years.

We’ve had ‘The Galway Shawl’, the Galway Races, the Galway Clinic, the Galway hooker, the ‘Galway Girl’ (there is no connection between the last two...).

Now, seemingly, we are witnessing the advent of the Galway Trump.

Pat O’Brien

Drumline, Co Clare

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