Monday 19 February 2018

Letters: There can be no peace without understanding

Kurds protesting at a demonstration in Germany
Kurds protesting at a demonstration in Germany


Peace and not war is what we need. On June 28 1914, World War I started. It finished on November 28 1918. Still debate occurs as to why and who started the war.

It matters little. There were 37 million casualties. Many thousands of these were from Ireland. There were 60 million casualties in World War II, estimated at nearly 4pc of the world's population at the time. Now, in 2014, we see the horrific killing of innocent citizens who are trying to defend themselves against the might of bombs and guns from those that possess such weaponry.

Whatever the rights or wrongs of these situations, we are again witnessing the slaughter of innocent children, with entire families being wiped out. The United Nations was set up to resolve world conflict in 1945, with the agreement of over 50 of the world's most powerful countries.

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