Sunday 18 March 2018

Letters: Professor Dawkins has a strange idea of morality

Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins

So Professor Richard Dawkins thinks that it is immoral to bring a Down Syndrome child into the world. Immoral? I always thought that morality was that attribute of humankind that made us different from all the other animals on the planet.

Morality is our conscious having a go at us - for example, if you get on a train without paying, or find a €50 note and slip it into your pocket, that little voice in your head will say, "that might belong to an OAP who's now skint until Thursday." It's not right to keep it, it's not moral.

Why stop at Down Syndrome professor, why not include people who will go on to be diagnosed with diseases such as MS or cancer, even your fellow professor, Stephen Hawking, the greatest mind since Einstein?

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