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Letters page has personal touch

Madam -- Last evening, I was having a light-hearted discussion on various topics with a friend. He casually remarked that when he is relaxing with his Sunday Independent, his first move is to flick to the 'Letters' page. What coincidence I thought, because excepting a peep at Gene Kerrigan's Soapbox heading, I do likewise and for somewhat similar reasons. Apparently an awful lot of others also turn to it.

'Letters' page correspondence has the personal touch and is generally honest, depicting real life happenings from 'grass roots' level. Reading your newspaper is more interesting and absorbing, too, when you are aware of being free to share your opinion, ideas or criticisms with others -- rather than resorting to such fickle modern creations as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Anticipating the subject matter and presentation of your letter being selected for publication from hundreds of others may present a challenge but it is also a tribute to free speech. Long may your 'Letters' page reign!

James Gleeson,

Thurles, Co Tipperary

Sunday Independent