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Letters: Nothing lasts in RTE


Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

Sir - We shouldn't have been surprised by the the recent decision of RTE to end the Saturday Night Show hosted by Brendan O'Connor.

Almost from day one, RTE has been doing this - scrapping good shows. Or to put it another way, trying to fix it when it's not broken.

Coronation Street was first broadcast on the December 9, 1960, a year and 22 days before the birth of RTE in December 1961. Coronation Street is still going strong after 54 years. In the meantime RTE has axed almost every soap it has ever launched. Their first was Down At Flannerys which lasted just three months. Then Tolka Row, which did a little better, lasting four and a half years from 1964 to 1968.

After that came The Riordans and that lasted over 14 years (January 1965 to May 1979). Then came Glenroe - first broadcast on September 11, 1983, it lasted 17 years and eight months, finishing on May 6, 2001. How has Fair City lasted so long? (From September 18 1989 makes it over 25 years and counting.)

Brendan O'Connor's show was excellent - a perfect mix between the light and heavy and presented superbly by the man himself. If RTE wish to give a slot to Ray Darcy, no problem - but why at the expense of Brendan O'Connor?

RTE did something similar a few weeks ago when they replaced the Saturday Night Lotto show - and look at the balls they made of that.

Martin Collins,


Sunday Independent