Friday 15 December 2017

Letters: No moral scruples on the balance sheet

* Morality is universal: right and wrong are not location specific. The law is supposed to run on similar lines. What is deemed to be fair and proper should not vary just because one crosses a border or travels from one place to another.

The trouble is, that while we accept the existence of good and evil as the watermark of our civilisations, we do not embrace them as the gold standards of behaviour. It is perfectly alright for people to buy clothes made in sweatshops and sold in the high street – made by underage workers who are paid a pittance – these items can be deemed high fashion, and may be admired in glossy magazines.

No awkward questions need be asked, appearance is all. Face value is sufficient. It is just business, and when it is just business, we don't need to grapple with moral responsibility.

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