Thursday 22 February 2018

Letters: Light of Marie's flame will shine

Madam -- I refer to your article written by Valerie Cox (Sunday Independent, December 22, 2013) headed 'Appalling ordeal of an extraordinary woman'.

I fully agree that Marie Fleming was certainly an extraordinary woman who went through an appalling ordeal in an effort to die peacefully. Dying is a very sensitive and difficult time for both the individual dying and for their family and friends. Yet this amazing lady chose to bring her plight into the public arena -- she did so in an effort not just for herself but in an effort to help pave a path for thousands of people to be allowed to die with dignity.

Marie, who suffered from multiple sclerosis, made headlines around the world when she failed in a landmark case (April 2013) to make assisted suicide legal in Ireland. However, I believe there is no doubt that 'the light of the flame' from the campaign which Ms Fleming and her partner Mr Curran fought tirelessly, despite the opposition, stress, emotional and physical pain it cost them, will shine on for many years rendering 'assisted suicide' legal in Ireland.

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