Friday 20 July 2018

Letters: Leave a good mark

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Sir - Homelessness for families in our Irish cities is heartbreaking, without even ­contemplating the same ­problem for the thousands of refugees fleeing war and violence in their own countries, some of whom are coming here. There is a lot of truth and ­common sense in Gene ­Kerrigan's ­treatise on this problem (Sunday Independent, August 30).

It is the State's ­responsibility to ensure all citizens, ­irrespective of ­circumstances, have that most frugal ­necessity - a roof over their heads. Moneybags developers or ­speculators should have no hand, act or part in such decisions. We should revert to the old system where the local councils took ­responsibility for housing. They were aware of the needs first-hand and provided houses for the ­homeless, as well as housing lower ­income families at an ­affordable rent and provided loans to build one's own house.

If the Government gives an undertaking to solve the ­housing problem and carries out that promise, they will leave a practical and indelible mark never to be forgotten.

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