Sunday 21 January 2018

Letters: It's time to end the cycle of suicide being 'normal'

Suicide should not be the ‘norm’. Picture posed. Thinkstock Images
Suicide should not be the ‘norm’. Picture posed. Thinkstock Images

* I am writing this letter to you with a heavy heart. Picture 507 young adults in a room. All fighting fit, with so much to live for. Now imagine something coming along, opening the door to that room, and killing all 507 of those people. Imagine the families of these people, thousands of mourners, funeral after funeral.

Ordinarily this would make the news headlines, be in every paper and on every news channel across the country and world, but it's not. It's not talked about, and is swept under the carpet, as if it never happened.

This is exactly what is happening in this country every day with the suicide of our young people. This weekend, I learnt again of yet another young man, a mere 22 years old, in our local community who took his own life. Why?

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